ADI is the specialist in nondestructive inspections and examinations

  • As a service business, ADI responds to a wide range of requests for investigation, inspection, and testing, particularly through the use of thermography and endoscopy.
  • ADI is an independent office which specialises in nondestructive examination and inspection.
  • ADI specialises in the pathology of structures and buildings, and constructions in general.
  • ADI is active in all areas of industry where it is necessary to visualise and analyse a problem, be it structural, mechanical, of process or flow.
  • ADI deploys high-performance equipment and uses leading-edge technology.
  • ADI can be commissioned to design, develop, manufacture and install inspection systems.
  • ADI can make itself available anywhere, worldwide.

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Infra-red thermal imaging

Thermographie infrarouge   
Infra-red thermography is an imaging technique which makes it possible to visualise differences in temperature. Its applications appear to be limited only by man's imagination.

Endoscopy and videocameras

Endoscopie et caméra   
A videocamera or an endoscope can often be used to visualise inaccessible places. When one wants to inspect the inside of a pipe, a drain, a machine or a furnace, videocameras and endoscopes make it possible to see these otherwise inacessible places.  

Searching for leaks, and locating hidden pipes

- Inspection of hydraulic systems and cycles.
- Detecting leaks.
- Locating hidden pipes and various similar passages.


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