Cooled endoscopy

The attractiveness of a product is directly linked with its quality and its price.
But in order to provide such a quality product, one needs a performing tool.

Productivity thus depends on the good condition of the tool. Mankind soon realised that tool maintenance was of prime importance for productivity. And this maintenance endows two aspect: the "preventive maintenance" and the "corrective one".

If the break down of a machine has not a great impact on production and security, and if the cost of the repair is acceptable, one shall make a corrective maintenance.

However if it is not the case, one will consider implementing control divises, that is preventive maintenance.

Steel industry and especially in " hot winds" circuits, a brikmaking malfunction or the poor condition of a burner can lead to untimely stops in the production.

Although cooling endoscopy is well known by production and maintenance services, it is mostly used for production controls.

Nevertheless regular endoscopic controls of " hot winds" circuits allows to visualise faults and thus allows to plan maintenance.

As a result, productivity increases. All the information gathered make it possible to program the appropriate corrections when production is interrupted for maintenance purposes.

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