The endoscope is a piece of equipment which carries images from the insides of things to
an eyepiece, a videocamera, a photograpic camera etc - images which would otherwise
be inaccessible to man.

Types of endoscopes and videocameras:

  • The rigid endoscope, sometimes known as a periscope or boroscope is a rigid tube
    equipped with lenses. It is fitted at one end with an eyepiece which affords either a
    direct view or to which one can attach a photographic camera, videocamera etc.
    On the other end a prism determines the angle of vision and the field of vision
    of the apparatus. This type of equipment is usually fitted with a lighting system.
  • The flexible fibroscope is a piece of equipment based around fibre-optic cables,
    which convey the image to a viewpiece. Again this eyepiece affords either a direct view,
    or can accomodate a photographic camera, a videocamera, etc. The tip of this type
    of endoscope is generally directional and fitted with a fibre-optic lighting system.
  • The flexible endoscope, sometimes known as a videoscope, is a peice of equipment
    with a miniature CCD camera fitted to its head. This captures images which are then
    sent by cable to a control unit, which can then display them on a monitor. The head
    of this apparatus is usually directional, and again equipped with a fibre-optic lighting
  • The Videocameras come in various sizes. Sometimes fitted to a mobile platform,
    they are very flexible and allow the greatest diversity of inspections. They are usually
    equipped with a lighting rig. They are remote-controlled to a greater or lesser degree,
    depending on the requirements of the inspection task.


Multiple banches of industry are involved:

  • Manufacturing and Heavy industry
  • Construction Industry, and buildings in general
  • Research


  • Inspection and surveying of pipes and tubes
  • Inspection and examination of the insides of machines and equipment
  • Inspection of drains and sewers
  • Examination of spaces inside walls
  • Exploration of hollows and other cavities.

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