ADI makes use of this technology for the preventive maintenance of equipment.
This technology enables us to measure temperatures and visualise temperature gradients, and thus to examine equipment in operation, to ascertain whether or not they are in good running order; for example the condition of furnaces (and their refractories) and hot or cold hydraulic cycles.
One can thus see the hot-spots in the equipment, like the overheating of electrical contact points.


ADI inspects the thermodynamic properties of all manner of buildings to analyse weaknesses and failures (i.e. the pathological analysis of heat currents).
ADI is also specialised in the use of this technology to assist in the detection of leaks of fluids.
Similarly, ADI can visualise themodynamic currents; and here heat dissipations and cold air currents are shown, enabling an energy efficiency analysis.


ADI discovers and highlights insulation failures and conductive thermal bridges.


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